Celebrating Summer Solstice with Young Children

MidsummerHonoring the earth and seasons through our actions is something I hope to consciously bring to our family life. I want our children to be aware of the leaves turning, the snow falling, and the days growing longer. Just as important are the smaller, less dramatic changes of our mother earth; The crickets chirping, the river’s swell, the mushroom blooms.

One of the easiest ways to celebrate these wonderful rhythms are through festivals. Festivals, which I’ve come to learn in my rather brief time as somebody’s mom, is something little kids enjoy immensely. And who could blame them? Running wild in the green grass with a bowl of nectarines; basking in the glow of the warm summer sunshine. These are the moments of childhood.

And since I love food, festivals provide an exciting opportunity to highlight the deliciousness of the current season.

So, our little family, found ourselves celebrating our first Summer Solstice picnic.IMG_8917



What happens when you give a two year old a bowl of nectarines.

The food was simple. Mostly fresh, raw ingredients of the seasons. Nothing that couldn’t be done in the 30 minutes before we left for our picnic. The point was to celebrate the summer and the ease that comes with the season.

Our happy little toddler ran through the field coming back only to refill on fruit before venturing off to explore new places and spaces. He truly embodied the wonderfulness of summer.

Lemon Tahini Chard Salad

Lemon Tahini Chard Salad



Fresh solar infused Jamaica Tea


The tree that sheltered us from the sun

The tree that sheltered us from the sun

Of course, like all good things, the celebration ended due to a much needed nap. The fun of the day has lingered with us and will carry us through the beginning of the warm and sunny days to come.

Happy Midsummer to you! We look forward to sharing the bounty of summer and all the wonderful gifts the season brings.




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