Easy Recipes for Toddlers

Here you will find an index for healthy recipes to cook with your toddler. My two year old is the kind of little person who loves to be up in mama’s arms (all. the. time.) Since we all like to eat dinner and it’s impossible to cook while holding a 25 pound toddler, I give me little guy lots of jobs around the kitchen. The meals we highlight here on the blog are ones that are fun for both toddlers and parents. We’ve had plenty of disasters in the kitchen, which I won’t highlight on this page for obvious reasons!

You may not be able to find certain ingredients that I use. However, it’s the act of cooking with your toddler that’s important and I hope these dishes inspire you to create something delicious and fun with your little folks.

Easiest Recipes to Cook with a Toddler:

Main Courses:

Baked Goods , Breads and Treats:

Snacks & Drinks:

Dog Treats:

Side Dishes:

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