Cooking with Todders: Easy Peasy


I haven’t been able to pull Fig out of the garden lately. Not even the lure of a cheesy quesadilla will do it. He’s having too much fun romping around. Between trying to make friends with a few feral cats ( with limited success), patrolling for squirrels ( with great success) and fishing in the grass for twout (trout), he’s too busy to be bothered with the going-ons of the kitchen.

So in light of the delicious spring weather and his complete resistance to being indoors, I’ve resorted to bringing his lunch and snacks outside. This has also saved me quite a bit of time cleaning the explosion of food scraps that are left under Fig’s chair post-meal time.

Fig has always loved peas and shelling them to uncover the sweet rounds of goodness pretty much rocks his world. As with most two year olds, he’s constantly in-motion. It always takes me by surprise when he focuses so intently on a task and shelling peas, with their promise of sweet succulence, requires all his energies.

But Fig is not the only one who loves a good batch of fresh peas…….





IMG_5917Oh yes, Mafalda the Dachshund, whose love of peas was documented here, will give her right paw for a mouthful of peas. The dog will stick her nose up at sweet fruit but will nearly rip your finger off trying to snag a pea. Fig is happy to share his beloved peas with her and I’m quite happy to see that both my kids got their greens in.





18 thoughts on “Cooking with Todders: Easy Peasy

  1. apuginthekitchen says:

    I think it’s great that Fig loves peas and I am amazed that Mafalda does too, my dogs used to pick the peas out of their stew. You must not be in NY I don’t see any snow and you already have peas that you harvested. Here’s hoping the feet of snow in my backyard will melt at some point and I can start thinking about spring planting.

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  2. catherinemryan says:

    Love this (and the gorgeous photos)! Since we switched our dog to a very strict diet with almost no people food, he’s become a fiend for fruit and vegetables. He loves when our toddler drops peas, green beans or pomegranate seeds. Dogs are so funny!

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  3. Lisa says:

    Really love this. Your photos are gorgeous– I especially love the dirty fingers and peas. Perfect match.

    My kids love peas too, and as I’m debating whether or not we’ll have a garden this year, reading about your little one romping through his garden is strong motivation 😉

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    • cookingwithtoddlers says:

      Thank you!! I’m so thankful for spring….Fig just meanders around the garden all day long doing who knows what. Though I’ve had to toddler proof all our veggie patches after an unfortunate incident involving an eager two year old and some baby kale leaves. Needless to say, I must replant all the kale.

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  4. Liz Nwansiz says:

    I absolutely love this, it’s so sweet that he’s helping out in the kitchen. I’m getting P involved in cooking but right now it’s just really messy stirring and pouring things in other things

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