Tea for Toddlers: Chrysanthemum Tea


Every afternoon Fig and I brew ourselves a cup of tea to share. We do this mostly because we both love tea but also to anchor the day and spend a few quiet moments together.  Fig is also pretty obsessed with playing “coffee shop”. In fact,  he’s recently taken to hijacking the play structures at our local playground, turning them into “Cafe Fig” and screaming to everybody and anybody that their macchiato is ready for pick up. Since he’s far too young for macchiatos we’ve been brewing all different kinds of herbal teas. Not only is it something we both look forward to but it’s such an easy way to involve toddlers in a simple and nourishing way in the kitchen. I always make sure the water is not too hot but just hot enough so he has an opportunity to work on his patience.

Today we decided that some dried Chrysanthemum  Flowers were the perfect fix for a day spent in the garden hauling……… hay ( What’s new. We’re currently spending our lives hauling hay. More regarding our horrible hay situation can be found here ). Chrysanthemum Flowers are not only beautiful but nourishing ( high in vitamin C, good for liver detoxification and digestion) and when you’re knee deep in hay and squirrel poo ( found that out the hard way) for hours on-end , these lovely little flowers bring us back to center.




2 thoughts on “Tea for Toddlers: Chrysanthemum Tea

  1. Pamplemousse says:

    I really enjoy seeing your posts in my reader 😊 i love the beautiful mother/child bond that shines through😊 and i love chryssnthemum. I am planting some this year as i love edible flowers and enjoy eating the young leaves. So nutritious!

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