Cooking with Toddlers: Apple Rings and Apple Cider Vinegar


I’m not a very crafty or festive person but I’m working on it. Planning and doing seasonal crafts and activities are akin to torture for me, but I realize the importance of creating a rhythm to the year through holidays and the celebration of seasons for young children.

That being said, Fall is my favorite season and there seems to be no shortage of food related projects my little ones can do. Our newest and latest obsession is the apple peeler. Something about cranking machine is super exciting for my little Fig and since we bought the machine (a week ago) we’ve probably gone through $40.00 of apples.


And while I generally try to keep my kitchen uncluttered with unnecessary kitchen appliances I consider this apple peeler a necessity! If you love dried fruit as much as we do it’s a worthwhile purchase and can provide hours of fun for little hands. It is an activity, however, you must be hyper vigilant in supervising  since the peeler and corer are very sharp.

After peeling and removing the cores; simply bake at 175-200 degrees fahrenheit in the oven for several hours; checking frequently to ensure the apple rings do not over crisp. The apples should have the chewiness of store bought dried apple rings when done.


And of course, don’t waste those precious apple cores and peels! We decided to make apple cider vinegar ( we used this recipe) which I’ll later turn into an herbed apple cider vinegar disinfecting  kitchen cleaner.



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