Cooking with Toddlers: Pickles

We’ve been off the grid for a few weeks due to potty training, a massive heat wave, and a very unmotivated pregnant mama who’s been less than inspired in the kitchen. There’s something about cooking a meal from scratch in insanely humid 97 degree weather while 38 weeks pregnant and a toddler who might poo on the carpet at any minute. Hopefully this baby will come sooner than later or we might be eating sandwiches forever. In the meantime, we did manage to make some pickles and had loads of fun doing it despite the heat and the grumpy mama.


Fig avoids cucumbers like the plague. Not once has even so much as swallowed a morsel of cucumber in his life-until we made pickles. Fig had an all out cucumber bonanza. In fact, I’m confident he broke the record for most cucumbers consumed in a 20 minutes period.


This is exactly why I love cooking with my two year old. He’s so much more receptive and open to foods he would otherwise scoff at. If given the opportunity to participate in the real work of creating a dish; he’ll sample (and re-sample dozens of times) whatever raw ingredients we’re working with. So far, cooking with Fig is one of the easiest and best ways to get him to try new foods and eat loads of fresh veggies.

Making pickles might be one of the easiest and most basic kitchen activities for toddlers. We used persian cucumbers which are a perfect size for small hands and are soft enough to make an easy cut leading to less frustration for little folks.



Simple Pickle Recipe 

  • 1  1/2 persian cucumbers
  • 1 cup cider vinegar
  • 1 cup water
  • 1  1/2 tablespoons of kosher salt
  • 2 wide mouth jars


  • Wash and dry the cucumbers; removing the ends
  • Cut into spears ( or the shape you desire)
  • Pack the cucumbers into the jars
  • Combine the water, vinegar, and salt in saucepan; bring to boil
  • Pour the brine ( the water, vinegar, and salt) over the cucumbers, covering the pickles completely.
  • Let the jars cool at room temp and then place in the fridge for 48 hours before tasting.
  • Pickles will last for several weeks.

5 thoughts on “Cooking with Toddlers: Pickles

  1. healthylittleplate says:

    That must have been fun for Fig 🙂 look at those tiny hands trying to cut the cucumbers :). How is the potty training going for you guys? Any incident yet :P? It’s been crazy here with us and I’m really considering to (ehem) postpone it till next summer. Btw, 97 degrees are you kidding me :O :O we’ve been getting 55-60 degrees for dayssss now & we are not even in Australia >.<. Anyway, I hope your baby will arrive on time (or sooner ;).


    • cookingwithtoddlers says:

      Yes; pickles ended up being super fun. I ate the whole jar in a few days!

      Oh potty training…the first few weeks were so horrible I think I cried like 5 separate times!! Now that he’s almost completely potty trained it’s gotten way better. He still has accidents; always at the most inconvenient times/places but at least I don’t live in fear anymore when I take him out! 🙂

      I’m jealous of your nice days! It’s still in the 80’s here..where the heck is fall!?


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