To the Mexican Market with a Toddler in Tow

Mamey sapote

I’ll admit that cooking and shopping in Mexico is so much harder, especially when you have little kids.

Stretching to prepare for the market!

Stretching to prepare for the market!

The Market down the street from where we are staying

The Market down the street from where we are staying

Firstly, you simply don’t find the same kind of produce or other grocery items that are readily available in the USA, so my meal plans for the weeks are pretty much useless.

Secondly, most everything we buy in the US is organic or from farmers markets that don’t use pesticides. In mexico, organic agriculture isn’t nearly as big as it is in the USA. You can find little things here and there, but the selection is pretty small. Even the organic/local store ( which takes a billion years to get to from where we are) has just a tiny selection of produce.  I’ve been using the Pesticide Action Network’s “Clean 15” vegetable guide, but it’s pretty limiting when you’re trying to cook.

Thirdly, the traffic. Oh, the traffic. The traffic in Mexico City is really something else. No joke, 20 miles can take 2 hours in some parts of the city. And in rush hour? FORGETABOUTIT! Fig has a carseat tolerance threshold of about 20 minutes ( on a good day) and driving around to locate certain ingredients just isn’t going to happen.

Fourthly, while I consider myself somewhat vegetable literate, 1/2 of what I see in these markets I have no clue how to prepare. And since toddlers are already the pickiest people on the planet, makes preparing these unknown veggies even more difficult.

Inspecting our Loot

Inspecting our Loot

So for these next few weeks, I basically resigned myself to shop at the local market down the street, buy whatever looks appealing and then wing it in the kitchen. So far, we’ve had a few epic disasters. One of which involved a green chayote which, for the record, is much easier to digest when cooked. Please don’t eat it raw unless you want to remain incapacitated for the remainder of the day.

The suspect Chayote!

The suspect Chayote!

But, meh, what can you do. At least there is fruit and we’ve been eating far too much of it. I think Fig ate about 7 guavas today, could be more, I’ve lost count.

Either way, we’ve had a few successful toddler made and approved meals here in Mexico which will make their way to the blog sooner or later. In the mean time, you’ll find me back in the kitchen wondering how I can entice Fig to eat the cactuses I recently aquired-wish me luck!






Tunas ( or favorite!)

Tunas ( or favorite!)



Nopales, edible cactus.



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