Baking with Toddlers: Preparing for Mexico

IMG_8939 We packed up and left for Mexico a few days ago, but not before we had a bake-a-thon of epic proportions! Since traveling always throws our eating schedule off, I thought it might be good to whip up a few of our favorite baked goods to take along with us. Mexico City has an awesome organic/local store called Origens but between the distance and the fact that Mexico City has about the most horrendous traffic known to humanity ( FOR REAL), it takes hours to get there. Since we don’t know when we’ll have the time (or patience) to trek over there, we thought it best to bring a few little items to hold us over. IMG_8952 Baking with toddlers is an act of patience; like most things involving toddlers. This is especially true when you have a batter thief on your hands. I think at least 25% of the batter ended up in Fig’s stomach. Luckily, the batter for his favorite muffins are vegan so I didn’t have to worry about raw eggs. Sometimes, I question why I let a two year old get involved in activities such as baking. Between policing the batter, the flour explosions, and ensuring I don’t inadvertently burn the house down, I frequently feel my anxiety level rising . The visions of cleaning a toddler covered head-to-toe in flour, the clumps of batter in the most horrific of places, the dishes ( oh the dishes!). But I see the joy in his face, the excitement over creating something all his own. These are his muffins after all. Nourishing for his little body and his mind.


The “Fig” Muffin



Morning Bran Muffins


Morning Fruit Loaf

Nut Bread

Nut Bread


Kale and Parmesan Bread

Life is so much slower here south of the border, which leaves us with the possibility of many more bake-a-thons; something that’s good for both of us. I’ll post the recipes of our favorite creations soon and I hope they bring you as much as joy as they did Fig ( and mama…but only in retrospect). Adios!

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