The Woes of Cooking for Toddlers

Fact: Most of what I cook for my toddler ends up on the floor, smudged on the wall, or in the dog’s mouth.

Fact: The more time and effort I put into a dish, the more likely it won’t be eaten and the more heartbroken I’ll be. ( I.E. don’t make chicken kiev for your two year old. At least the dog was happy).


Relaxing after a fine meal of toddler droppings.

Chicken Kiev does wonders for fur luster

Fact: The more pressure I put on my toddler to eat, the less he eats.

Fact: The more uptight and frustrated I am with my toddler’s eating habits, the more likely dinner will turn into a total fiasco and I’ll be cleaning pesto off the ceiling fan later that evening.

Fact: Toddlers can’t sit very long in chairs and focus on eating. It’s best not to fight that.

Fact: When you have a small kitchen, no matter what you cook, you’ll always be left with this kind of mess.



Fact: It’s my job to put the most nutritious meals in front of my little man. It’s his job to eat it and he will in time. I’ll trust in that.

2 thoughts on “The Woes of Cooking for Toddlers

  1. Becky says:

    I love this! Thank you for this great refresher. I’ve started to cook with the toddlers in my class and you have inspired me to do a little bit more. The fact about putting more effort into a dish the less likely it will be eaten, so true!


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